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With EExAT you gain a complete solution for practitioners, teachers, parents and leaders at all levels and have at your fingertips an integrated solution for assessing, documenting, moderating and reporting children’s learning Birth – 5yrs.

The EExAT online assessment system is designed around a Child Development Framework which uses six monthly, age related learning and development milestones to monitor children’s developmental progress. The EExAT framework fully supports the implementation of the Revised EYFS (Sept 21) with milestones that cover all Areas of Learning and lead towards the Early Learning Goals.

EExAT gives you a highly-principled and extremely practical solution to all of your assessment needs and ensures that you are working with an expert team who offer all of the support, advice and training you need to secure all aspects of your assessment practice.

If you are keen to develop an integrated approach that leads to best practice at all levels – all in one place – then EExAT is a great solution.


   AWARDS 2018

Our Award Winning System

In 2018 against strong competition, EExAT was awarded a highly commended in the prestigious Bett awards for Education IT Systems.

What does EExAT do?

EExAT provides a Birth to end of EYFS summative assessment developmental framework with up to four assessment points per year. It gives focus to children’s Well-being and Involvement and uses a series of assessment statements based on the:

  • EYFS Characteristics of Effective Learning.
  • EYFS Prime Areas of Learning.
  • EYFS Specific Areas of Learning.

In the developmental framework you record your summative judgements which generate an age-related and cohort-related outcome score. Information from each child’s individual developmental framework populates the Reports Section enabling you to produce reports to show attainment and progress at pupil, class and cohort level as well as filter for different criteria.  The EExAT assessment milestones are developmental from Birth – 5+ years.  They are precise statements from which to assess each child’s attainment. To support the accuracy of this judgement, the assessment milestones are supported by over 400 exemplification film clips, including children with SEND. This builds practitioner knowledge and secures more consistent judgements across the team.


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How EExAT Can
Support You

EExAT Developmental Framework

Why using EExAT
is so valuable

  • Enhance staff knowledge with our revised EExAT Birth – 5yrs Child Development Framework, designed to support the revised EYFS Statutory Framework Sept 21
  • Develop consistency with access to over 400+ exemplification materials
  • Assess children’s learning on-entry and demonstrate progress throughout the EYFS
  • Produce detailed pupil reports and online journals to celebrate achievement
  • Engage even hard to reach parents with the Parent App
  • Produce a wealth of cohort information to inform senior leaders and identify next steps in learning
EExAT Report

Assess the Whole Child

At the heart of EExAT is an expert Birth – 5yrs Child Development Framework that enables accurate assessment of children’s well-being, involvement, dispositions and learning across all areas of the revised EYFS.

Capture On-entry and
Demonstrate Progress


The first assessment you make of each child is marked as their on-entry, from which you can assess progress across each year to the end of the EYFS using 6 monthly developmental milestones, culminating in a EYFS Profile score.
Early Excellence EExAT Pivotal Learning

EExAT Collate Evidence and Moderate Collate Pivotal Learning & Moderate

A Mobile App to capture videos, photos and observations of children’s pivotal learning provides a simple to use, on the go approach to documentation which is filtered and collated to support moderation.

Produce Detailed Reports

A reports function enables you to produce pupil, class and cohort reports, with filtering to allow senior leaders to assess strengths and analyse gaps in learning.
Early Excellence EExAT Learning Journal

Create Online Learning Journals

Online Learning Journals are a key feature of the system enabling you to produce stunning documentation that demonstrates key aspects of children’s learning and development. Easy to use and share with children and parents.

Celebrate with Parents

Engaging even hard to reach parents is easy with EExAT. Parents are able to view their child’s Learning Journal using the ParentApp and they can contribute by adding comments and images of their own, leading to highly informative, impactful engagement.

The Plan to Suit
Your School

From Teachers
& Leaders

“I absolutely love EExAT and the fact that everything is in one place. Given that the tracker gives me clear, accurate and age-related information, I am able to easily upload observations, attach statements and build up evidence as I need to – and the parents love the Learning Journals.”
Rita Scott

Early Years Leader, St Marys Endowed. Norwich

“We’ve decided to move everyone to EExAT so that all of our schools will be assessing against the same, informed criteria enabling us to present progress and attainment data in a uniform way. We also value that EExAT gives us the ability to moderate and work collaboratively from afar, which is crucial as time-efficiency and not adding to workload are priorities for our trust.”
Gareth Letton

Executive Assistant Principal, The DALP Trust, Nottighamshire

“In our LA all the Primary Schools use EExAT and we are finding that teachers feel much more confident with their assessments. We utilise the huge bank of EExAT film clips within our training and these have been invaluable in supporting teachers to make more accurate judgements. Our EExAT journey is truly rewarding – long may it continue!”
Julie McAllister

Jersey LA Advisor of 18 Primary Schools

“EExAT is working really well for us. This term we launched the Parent App and the response has been unbelievable, the most parental engagement across all 215 EY families we have ever had!”
Rebecca Ozulan

Director of Early Years, Trinity Primary, Wolverhampton

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